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Thursday, April 17, 2014


improvised meatloaf - eye-t-alien

it was good

one package of ground Italian sausage
one package of about a pound of beef
one medium yellow onion
one package of pre cut mushrooms
about a cup or less of Italian parsley
one medium idaho potato
one egg
about a cup of shredded romano cheese
a teaspoon of diced / minced garlic
dash of rosemary and sesame seeds
olive oil and butter for pre singing the flavors
6 oz can of Italian  tomato paste
a couple of sun-dried tomato in oil 

microwaved the potato while in olive oil and high heat slightly crisp the onion that you diced
when onion has half of it nicely crispy/caramelizing (ish) add the potato that you cubed smally
in high heat with a tablespoon plus (ish) of butter and a dash of olive oil (infused with hot pepper if you have that) just gently sear about half (ish) of the mushrooms 
dice up small the sun-dried tomatos

mix into big bowl the beef, sausage, one egg, tomato paste, garlic and continue adding all ingredients ... until even mixture

lightly spray loaf pan with spray oil and sprinkle rosemary and sesame seeds into, evenly deposit meat into pans(s) and bake for 40-45 minutes at 350

sprinkle a dashing amount of left over romano on top of each loaf

devour at will


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