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Sunday, July 10, 2005


lest we forget how to program code

um.... what?

oh, program code. I just spent most of the day flogging about in excel and in access and with this jumble of files that originate in a zip that extract about 20+ exe files that each further extract a set of 12 dat files that may or may not be empty or full and the goal is just to get a record count for billing. simple right?

ga faaaa

yeah i thought so too, then i kept running into issues and errors... i could do simple version tests on one file but then would bump into freakin issues with ADO stuff. so i tried access which i use to use more and to get back to speed... gaaa ffffaaaaaaaa painful. not to mention that it was pushing 100 out side and inside... in the high 80's ... i do better in the colder temps. well... about 1800 hrs i started getting momentum and broke through and figured out (no help to the lame online help from MicroStupid) how to create the fixed string text import specification files and realized as well that each freakin little file .... well they are not consistant, not to mention that most have a couple of import errors and type conversions.... SO....

it is now 0100 on sunday... and well... my typing is worse so i am off to find a pillow and some sleep, but at least my brain has wrapped it's self about this issue that i thought would be simple and well... of course, is not.

anyway, it is good to be doing this....

oh, yeah and berah, my housemate... the dude just bought a new motorcycle. a F650 dakar '03 with extra toys on it.... he makes odder choices then i do.


nighty night

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