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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Twitter tweet tool (sounds fun)

Looking at WEB 2.0 things I can do... what are the options? What have I done?

I have gotten the next project each cycle time since 2004 (that is 6 years if you are counting) in 30 days each time.


Sales theory applied to technical tricks and old school networking... so what do I do with this?

hmmm, write how to pamphlets and sell them. Apparently in my Mead history, Pamphleteers were why we got kicked off the island of Briton. (we were pamphleteers.)

Wiki search excerpt:

A pamphleteer is a historical term for someone who creates or distributes pamphlets. Pamphlets were used to broadcast the writer's opinions on an issue, for example, in order to get people to vote for their favorite politician or to articulate a particular political ideology.

A famous pamphleteer of the American Revolutionary War was Thomas Paine. Another famous pamphleteer was Witte the With. Today a pamphleteer might communicate his missives by way of weblog, but before the advent of telecommunications, those with access to a printing press and a supply of paper used the pamphlet as a means of mass communications outside of newspapers or full-fledged books.

Cool :: Let me know what you think.

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