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Friday, April 27, 2012


Zombies are real RIP Hobbits

:: Fuck everyone ::
reality is desolate 
individualistic wandering
Nihilistic cathartic void
a void filled with shit 
- cars houses soccer games school work meetings to decide deliverables 
- shoulds could have if only why me excuses lies inconsiderations

... lost ... 
lost are the:
the Dragons are hiding
until cosmic Truth
unleashes a balancing Hero
a Hero to lift up 
those who still
seek for TRUTH

fuck everyone else
they are brain eating zombies
vacant souls lost in hell
on a train to nowhere 

fuck you too
I can't save you - you have to save your selves 
join me if you wish or fuck off

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Geist Suchers. (mind body spirit seekers)

updated version of elevator speech ::
(In a midlife crisis moment a man gets that there is something more to living and his best friend's death exposed it now the question is how to get his friend back into this present moment and back from the dead.)

A man is disturbed to see a persons shadow on the ground next to his shadow without there being a person standing next to him. This is his journey to discover if he is mad, having a midlife crisis or does this shadow have something to do with the death of his best friend. Along the way secrets are uncovered and things known earlier in his life are revisited as he finds his true self his purpose and that his friend is not dead as in gone just gone to another realm. Is there a difference? As he reunites his spirit with his pal and solves how to get his pal back into this now they find more has changed then just a way of travel... they have discovered humanities next evolutionary step and there are a lot of people not happy about that. World religions want them silenced, world powers want the machine they built and in the process of seeking the truth and avoiding those that would bury the truth the pair really discover is the possibility for a new world order shepherded by the Geist Suchers. (mind body spirit seekers)

Follow the chronicles of how it began and discover for yourself where it is going and see if you too are a sucker for a good book

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