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Friday, August 31, 2007


more then a year and so much to say

this month we... PDM miss P aka Phaelan Dee and I went with our new family... Laura, Carly and Cameron to Martha's Vineyard in MA for a week the same time Allison and her family and Tory's three girls, plus Alli's sister in law husband and inlaws and their 2 kids (total count at highest point ... 20 kids under 18)

so.... Laura and I have been together now almost a year, our first whole year anniversary thing is this month (sept) and we have passed many tests to be where we are now.

go fast on motorcycle (check)
go camping on motorcycle (check)
go 4x4 up crazy roads and be cool on it (check)
road bike on roadies (check)
mt bike on trails (check)
loves kids (check)
loves dogs (check)
loves camping (check)
interacts with kids with Jim Fay Love and Logic approach (check)
is cute (check)
is smart (check)
can ski (check)
drives a subaru (check)
is playfull (check)
is independent (check)
has good kids (check)
has a hot tub (check)
is fit (check)
is a good lover (check)
likes me a whole lot (check)
i like being with her (check)
made it through a vacation (check)
made it through some interpersonal growth challenge moments (check)
still love each other (check)

list goes on

so ... well... there

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