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Thursday, October 25, 2007


tech entry linking applications to a database for management of requirements

I have been trying in google, on MSDN, on Experts-Exchange and other places to ask a question and get and answer and I have found a black whole in that my search words I use, statistically bring up completely non-relevant stuff.

Here is what the problem is I want to solve:

Dealing with a Business Intelligence data warehouse with marts and cubes that is being built for customers not yet ‘defined’ we are building to standards in healthcare. The challenge is the volume of requirement specification documents, iterations of review and document versions we are loosing track of data and terms being defined from the requirements:measuresBig Smileimensions on to data dictionary…

Over the months a term that has been defined, gets changed, but not in all documents and (or) then gets used in a slightly different phrase so that now we are having a heck of time synchronizing our data elements and terms across our documentation (in Word, Excel, Visio)

What I would like to do is be able to in any of our Microsoft documents, as we specify requirements, and either create a new or use an existing TERM I would like to right click on the word, and have it check if that word is in the data base, if it is not, then create a new data entry for the database. It would be able to give the option to put term in measure table, dimension table, data dictionary table, or glossary term table.

This way, as the DEFINITIONS of a term or word are modified, where that term is used in requirement docs, the change will push back out to all the docs. Example ER Visit (Emergency Room Visit) got changed to ED Visit (Emergency Department Visit)

We are using SharePoint and unfortunately a tool is only as good as it’s set up and then the content is only as good as the user group inputting/updating content… the problem I am facing as a systems analyst on this project is both a document management problem and a requirements management problem. I have not seen or heard of a tool that solves the problem.

Ergo, would like to build it.

But my code work has been too far in the past (vba/vb 6.0) era stuff, while I know what can be done, I am not phrasing my query correctly to find a forum to ask the question in a way I can get answers.

Any suggestions?

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Have you?

Wed, July 26, 2006 - 9:49 PM is when I put this to words and the image is when I was inspired as I was going over Trail Ridge Road in Colorado....

have you ever wondered?
what makes a person do
the things they do

have you ever looked
into the eyes soul
do you see what i see?

what image do you project
is it perceived like you think it is?

why do some see you walk
like a king
when you feel not golden

why do some feel golden
when they look
like a rejected stray?

others must not see
the souls water stir
behind the pupil

why did Pirsig seek
the same thing
Phaedrus sought?

Have you
ever seen the naked
reality of the space you stand in?

are there others out there Morpheus?
seeking souls
questioning the construct?

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