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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Our backyard chicken catch and eat mice

You just gotta remember that chickens are just the living descendants of the T-Rex.  Anything smaller than them and not quicker than them is fair game to be eaten by them.  

Friday, May 08, 2015


To hear or not to hear - what was the question ?

#Beltone :: pretty cool how I can turn them off from my phone or adjust between 'reataurant' 'normal' and 'boost' modes that have been tailored for my particular pair of ears. I am deaf in the three highest tones. Midrange is degraded and bass is fine but the high end tones really give distinction and with out them- it's more challenging to hear every day. Hearing aids.

What would life be like without aids for hearing or eyes? What would life be like without such ease of information access?  The device (iPhone) I am typing this on from a coffee shop while I watch a deluge of rain outside, has more storage and computing power than my first desktop computer. That was the #maccolorclasic with a 9 inch 256 color tube display.

It is cool that I can mute the background noise but what if I had no glasses or hearing aids.

What if I had no access to eBooks white papers and Wiki?

In the same note - Colorado does not get much rain and when it does, like now, more than half the people walking about downtown right now in the very steady rain; have no coats or rain coats or hats.

If shit really stopped working and folks had to rely on wits I do think the attrition would be vast.


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