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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Notes on Geisting


The human mind cannot be absolutely destroyed with the human body, but there is some part of it which remains eternal. —Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics

An electron does not orbit a nuetron it hovers it vibrates at a state of possibility until it is observed and the wave form collapses. Likewise we humans vibrate in a state of 'expected' existence and in my case my vibration was expanded to something more than now to something more like a viewing of all possible nows and enexorably pasts as well. Futures are another story I have not yet seen the presence of however just taking in the realm of nows is overhelming at first to say the least. Remember when social media first came on scene and you constantly reached for the updates and found you wasted days at a time with little memory of actually doing something? Anything? This what I speak of is much more addictive and compelling. To be able to step back and find your ohm, your vibration center from which then choose where to focus is not a small feat. 

11:55:00 1/6/2015 lunch break notes post reading biocentrisim the keys to understanding 

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