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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Problematic effect of TV shows like “Sex in the City”

The well known at this point TV series by HBO “Sex in the City” has hit main stream network airwaves and in my review both via the television and then upon post review, on the receiving end of an individuals behavior that I can only surmise as being fostered and made a considered option by that individuals frequent watching of the HBO show, is problematic.

The result is that the show, encapsulating
post structural feminist ideas and the networks marketing team angling for a hip noir product to generate revenue conflicts directly with the social inability of the masses of viewers whom do not have the equivalent of post doctoral studies backgrounds and therefore miss the disconnect between valid kernels of modern feminist concepts and the reality of live and actual interpersonal dynamic with the latent effect of choices and actions on daily existence. In a word, people watch the show and then try to play out their own versions of an episode and in the wake of these choices, fuck up. They are not fucking with the body as a toy of Eros like I would postulate they might envision themselves to be, but they are fucking with the minds and more damaging with the souls of those enrolled innocently as characters in the play unwittingly as well as their own souls.

The problem is the time line. To put together a made for TV show, just like in the movies when you see a flick like ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Jerusalem is under siege and twenty minutes later the Protagonist is back in France having been the hero, gotten the girl and returned from the odyssey to be his true self realized, the timelines are so compressed that the masses begin to feel privileged to get like returns in short order. How many people buy a lottery ticket hoping to become an instant multi millionaire ‘success.’ The reality of being a sincere and straight forward Soul however has nothing to do with such big return on such little investment. Depth is lacking that makes the experiences real and makes the experiences of the kind that there is no post regret. With a shallow approach to living out episodic events in a compressed timeline with disregard to the effect on the individual souls of those involved, the masses of people doing such, are stepping off the precipice and into the fires of Hell. What is Hell but the torment of regret of poor judgment made in haste with out regard to the lasting effect of a moments action.

I argue that a sincere and thoughtful person who is a valid student of feminist and social dynamic and the cause and effect of such behavior on the Souls of those involved acts with clarity and care not perpetrate the very dynamic in opposition to what drives the person towards review and study of feminist ideals in the first place. Other wise all they are doing is becoming what they despise in the male interpersonal dynamic. Other wise they are continuing the Hell that fired them up into looking for salvation in the pursuit of knowledge to understand they found their way to exploring greater social dynamic.

However, sincerity is result of character, character is a result of ethics and morality and what is the condition of the masses of viewers of the show in reality? For those people who play out episodic events in compressed timelines they are void of the character depth that would give them pause upon watching a show and give them questions to the kernel of feminist concepts and valid theoretical queries into the post modern social paradigm we live in today.
How was I on the receiving end of such and event as to sponsor this line of thought from my own mind? Well the wave of a glorious moment caught me up and the choices and actions in the moment mislead me as being sincere when the timeline was over and the commercial pause occurred… the channel was switched and I was hearing the classic Hee Haw song that ends in ‘PHlhishpishpisp she was gone!’ I believe the person was not with malice in actions but the lack of depth of understanding of the cause and effect of choices and behavior and lack of consideration for others gave no moment for reflection of what am I doing right now… really?

From my review, I feel strongly that out of conflict and hardship is the seed of inspiration for growth so I have no regrets. I have wonderful memories and I have the knowledge of my choices in the moment and how I handled the rip tide as the almost instant change occurred and tore my emotions asunder and how I have been able to stand up and get my head above water and reflect on my part and make notes of what I will and will not do in the future now given this experiential knowledge.

So what is the problematic effect of TV shows like “Sex in the City” attempting depth and having to succeed so they wrap the seed of the idea in a layer of
Dionysian appeal of nipples and bare buttocks and wine and Bohemian revolt against the considered conservative politic of power.

Really these topics were addressed centuries ago with
Aristophane’s Lysistrata where the power of who makes what choices is revealed in the reality of ‘if the home is not secure the outer world falls apart’ and the female is the care taker of the home. The mother figure nurtures the environment where our progeny grow and carry on our dreams.

Truly the issue is the source by which modern humanity learns character. Our pulpit is the TV and the guide is the marketing more who uses the base desire of all people to create money in a show that lasts. So, today’s populace is learning morality and cognitive ability from sound bites. Until they realize the Hell and torment these lessons are propelling them into, a downward spiral of cause and effect will continue and the strength of the home, of the core, of the Soul is being stuffed into a painful box.

Until enough people step up with sincere experiences and effect those people living under the false God of TV, the tide will continue to go out and lay barren the landscape of our future.

Be real people, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Thinking about the paragraph:

with Aristophane’s Lysistrata where the power of who makes what choices is revealed in the reality of ‘if the home is not secure the outer world falls apart’ and the female is the care taker of the home. The mother figure nurtures the environment where our progeny grow and carry on our dreams.


I would restate that feminisim today would be not putting a woman at the hearth and a man at the field... but would be in each family, supporting the skills of the members to nurture what needs to be nurtured and fight the battles that need to be fought. In other words, some men are more nuturing then some women; some women are more fierce then some men. Get it? Balance in the family and support the skills that each have... not based on gender, but based on who is good at what or who gets more joy from what. Balance in the family dynamics irregardless of gender should be the post feminist focus.

When someone insults someone by calling them a worm... maybe it is a good thing, worms contain both the male and the female 'tools'

enough said.
For a background and understanding of Feminisim... go here


I seem to be my own best commentator-ist. Oh well, my personal diatribe is the fledgling seed of the writer to be someday in my striving to become.

This Sex in the City post is summarized as 'interact with people with integrity of intent, then sure, explore openly what it means to be who you are or who you want to be, just respect the co-actors or other players standing on the same stage as you'

Respect is important.
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