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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


see no evil say nothging keep my job

I responded to a piece linked in when I googled Jake DeSantis and the AIG resignation he Op Ed inserted into NYT... wow huh..?

WhatisReadisNotPriori says:
March 25, 2009 at 11:37 am

Our social order called Capitalism has created the desire for the American Dream. This has amounted to two threads of peoples performance as I have seen in my tenure as a participant in what is by default better than the other options currently available.

1- Short cut mentality
2- See no evil, keep my job, get paid

One is the American Dream tells us we too can be rich, we strive for it, we struggle against the disdain for simplicity and renewable and resource management knowingly or naively as we drool at the new TV, the new big SUV, the new waste of space of object called houses. What is a home? To most in today’s Capitalistic world it is a toy cave that represents the strength of ones American participation in the Dream.

Now how many of you looked and found the cliff notes for your work in High School? How many of you tip more than 15%? How many of you would not covet a winning lotto ticket? We want our money for nothing and our chicks for free. It is what we were raised in, the soup of desire for the quick path to big TV, sunny vacations on Carnival Cruises, and that platinum card to buy the latest PC car or vacation trip with in one quick transaction.

Two is who likes change? Who wants to go looking for new employment or build a new business or tighten the belt and taking interim work until you get sell your self to someone who will compensate you for what you feel after a decade or more of effort you deserve? Majority do not relish this as most are not smooth operators with out risk aversion. Most people freakin lock up in a cold vomit ready state of fear at the implication that they may loose their job. The result of this reality is that people do not want to rock the boat. People see things all the time that ethically they SHOULD say or do something about but hey… if I do I may LOOSE MY JOB!

So in small town business, in Fortune 100, in local and Federal government people look the other way at inefficient process, at blatant mistakes, they get paid for eight hours while only really working four between breaks and distractions (like this) and we the people soldier on some how in spite of ourselves.

I think what Mr DeSantis did is valiant. I think most of all those reading this would jump at the opportunity to work for five or ten years pulling in six figure incomes. We would rationalize it the same way we do our SUV’s our wasteful houses pathetic use of resources defined by our trash production and the same way we look the other way while our very own American way underwrites the recent ‘top ten worlds worst dictators’ by our demand for resources.

Until we collectively CHANGE to some sort of equitable sustainable compassionate society that truly uses reciprocity of ‘do onto others as we would have done unto ourselves’ we collectively have little to no basis to bash the likes of Mr. DeSantis. He is just one leading the charge the Dream, the American Dream we all are clamoring for.

We heard it in a song when we were kids, ‘we want our money for nothing and our chicks for free.’

Rome is burning folks, until we begin change in our individual selves our collective social order will continue to burn like it is.

Marshmallows any one?

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