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Friday, December 31, 2004


tried extra... wait... some YOGA

what do I mean extra?

Took the Yule Tree out with Phaelan's help and swept the spot in the corner of the room, and man this back of mine... so I got down my yoga mat and roll of PT foam and did some stuff for my back. Here I sit now as PDM and Keenan play with horses and Ruby lurks about.

Earlier PDM and I took Ruby dog to the dog park and I am not sure who ran more, PDM or Ruby Jane? It is always fun to scrunch down and all these dogs end up coming over for rubs and wiggles and I just love rubs and wiggles.

Looking around on the settings on the BLOGGER and see that I can send posts from my phone, via email. Will have to try that. My phone only sends short texts so I am not sure what I will do with it? Unless I set up my old VISOR Handspring up via the phone to send email... that could be good? It is fun to geek around with stuff like that. There are RSS and different publishing things that can be done.

Well, Later!


do not know why

why does my back hurt?
i tossed and turned last night
pictching cat off me here
pushing dog away there

could not get comfortable at all
sweat pants twisted in a knot
t shirt wraped like seran on my torso
slipped out of them and still my back ached

why does my back hurt?
the chair at my desk may be
my desk and laptop angles perhaps
slouching over vba yelling in angst

code has a way of being a pain
a year ago I last played with vba
now again I try to twist the syntax
achieve the goals of functionality

what a pain in the back it is

ibubropren where did I put thee?

Thursday, December 30, 2004


blimey the code its the code

I remember WHY I am not a fan of programming. freaking aye man. UML seems ok, psuedo is no problem it is just that I do not recall the correct syntax for the stuff, i cross my syntact wires and simple solutions drag on...

of course one solution is to justput on blinders and crank and the reality is it was almost a year ago last time i was coding.. so what the Hades....



first post sipping coffee

spining up a sometimes is like pulling fence posts in august. coffee is thick dog is pacing cause she really wants to go play instead of see me at the keyboard and the tsunami wave devistation numbers are rising into the six figures.

does it matter what i say? does it really have significance to add bits to the torrent of white noise? is this like fiddling while rome crashes? ... I am going to look around and see what else is here.

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