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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The romans killed all the druids... why?

a video documentary talked about the romans needed to kill all the druids but why was it so important?

a statement about stonehenge and druids and the old peoples of the northern isles... is that they did not fear death

interesting ...

the I Ching

Chapter 74 (

1. The people do not fear death; to what purpose is it to (try to) frighten them with death? If the people were always in awe of death, and I could always seize those who do wrong, and put them to death, who would dare to do wrong?

fear... if there is no fear...


there would be peace, for injustice would be seen for what it is and peoples would not sit in the dark corners afraid of speaking out

Thursday, January 23, 2014


growing to surviving becomes understanding to thriving

as a teenager we try we explore we fuck up we get bummed we get excited we succeed and we learn the most when we fail

did we learn

if we did not learn the most from fails we cycle in the wash we cycle in the chaos we cycle until we, if we, move on to the next level the next round the next stage


understanding is when one starts to choose based on cognitive process and understanding is where free will actually finally occurs instead of Pavlovian responses to inputs from what ever

thriving is when everything comes together

fucking finally

thriving is golden is awesome is a wonderful place

now adventures... lets have some fun shall we? 

Thursday, January 09, 2014


To No

To paste a copied data drop damnit 
 ... Oh Kay so I have to re type the thing - arg

Michel Foucault said "... knowledge is socially constructed in order to maintain the power of the ruling class," (1975. Discipline and Punish. New York: Random House. p28,)

So consider the idea of dumbing down of society even as information is more readily available it - the gnosis, is buried behind noise of entertainments illusion of value. Humans are (have) loosing Soul. We are zombies in a hollow society. Remember the movie Brazil from 1985? 

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