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Thursday, January 09, 2014


To No

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Michel Foucault said "... knowledge is socially constructed in order to maintain the power of the ruling class," (1975. Discipline and Punish. New York: Random House. p28,)

So consider the idea of dumbing down of society even as information is more readily available it - the gnosis, is buried behind noise of entertainments illusion of value. Humans are (have) loosing Soul. We are zombies in a hollow society. Remember the movie Brazil from 1985? 

Is it dumbing down society or is it the constriction of freedom whose oxygen provides the very fuel for intelligence?

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose...

... or freedom is a state of mind.

within any construct their are by definition restrictions... constraints that frame the world... there are times or places where more perceived freedoms exist... more freedom in the dessert in one way but not in another... so therefore I still stand with dumbing down... for intelligence is born of need to escape survive or create or... of a need.. it is that need that some are born with and some are not although it is also a learned social opportunity... i have seen 'brilliant' flounder ... (a beautiful mind) or smart people with no common sense... or a moron who was a savant at getting scrap crap to work run and do stuff... so perception is reality yet again young jedi
Actually freedom is far more important than a trivial dismissal as a state of mind for it can be shown and evidenced where freedom existed creativity and genius flourished.

I do agree with dumbing down through public education and a system which seeks to own intelligence which is truly native within the person but such dumbing down is possible because freedom is absent.

If perception is the ailment, are you not also sharing your infection with an observation of "dumbing down" and "soul-less zombies"?

Perception is the substance of language and often what is conveyed between two individuals when the tools of language are adequately grasped to convey such observations. Since humans are social beings, it is common to share perceptions when not playing games.

Intelligence is the ability to discern and adapt whose affect may be perceived as survival. Yet intelligence is not born of survival. Creativity is a fruit of intelligence not the mother of.

Of course collective versus individual intelligence is quite another discussion since some beings are more socially aware and negotiate the group better than one knows one's self.

Well time for a collective well bro
survival is a result of primarily intelligence and a lot of luck.

perception is not the substance of language, context is the substance however the phenomenological interpretation of context is subjective to the degree of familiarity with same situational context. Perception is still the affect of the mind and the emotional stew of joy and hurt effects that affect in such a way that its possible and more probable that two people can witness the same moment in space time and have different perceptions. Notice different things associate different order of smells objects and sounds to primal and emotive core triggers.

It is the claim that I make that freedom only occurs truly when the mind has learned to understand that the triggers are and choose to not let those memories get in the way of a mind finding joy.

the system, the man, the environment can drain a person can chase a physical being around and can be as if a kicked dog is chewing on your leg while wasps are stinging you and spiders are biting you while they jump on wasps... yet the ability of a free man, a human who has found detachment from the pathos of the corporate the machine the puppets... a man (person) who has freedom can exist and thrive any place any time.

perhaps you refer to liberty.

i knew a story of a man my father respects, this man was imprisoned in a place called AKKA ...

it was in this place that he wrote the documents that became the word to many followers who still believe his message

His claim to divine revelation resulted in persecution and imprisonment by the Persian and Ottoman authorities, and his eventual 24-year confinement in the prison city of `Akka, Palestine (present-day Israel), where he died. He wrote many religious works, most notably the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Kitáb-i-Íqán.


this story i learned as a child... this 'garden of roses' he called it... was a place of misery... yet ... creation occurred and while imprisonment held his body, his spirit was always free.

freedom is a state of mind

intelligence is the capacity

choice is the devils anguish


lost on generations of people who feel trapped without a clue what to do, choice is freedom... freedom is the desire to not give in to what ever oppressors slap on you or at you or you into...

society is falling... yet there are those who will never fall, always be free... no matter what

"who has freedom can exist and thrive any place any time"

As I am and that which always gave courage to my actions. I knew I was free and could thrive in any situation.

I have been reading a little Aristotle lately and his relation to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is enlightening.

Another great day on freedom's plane.
I enjoy your linguistic gymnastics and as a man trained in information categories classifications and organization your strength shines.

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