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Saturday, August 31, 2013


blog charts and TED talks cafe benches and strangers

This morning.... lying in bed with two cats and an iPhone. Reading. Friends from long ago live a life of random vagabondishnish as professional sailors. They have a blog. Its good reading. Good is defined as something moving inspirational and pleasant as one is waking slowly in bed with two cats. Sideways in bed. Sometimes sideways is better. Sometimes it is the perfect thing to do when one can... wake slowly with two cats and an iPhone.



You see they were sailing on the Mistral a classic 1938 Herreshoff Schoone. Dreams are made of such things and what better place to set the theme de dream? Rumbled sheets pillows two cats sideways at 07:30 slowly waking.

Also and because.

Jacob Barnett at TED Talks. Watching a video about a fourteen year old 'autistic' boy who really has some fantastic things to say. This is Samuel Ward's description: May 23, 2013 - At 8 years old, Jacob began sneaking into the back of college lectures at IUPUI. After being diagnosed with autism since the age of two and placed in his school’s special ed. program, Jacob’s teachers and doctors were astonished to learn he was able to teach calculus to college students. ... (sic) goes on to solve stuff ... that expanded Einstein's field of relativity.'...

Key... no let us go with pejorative stuff he says is to stop learning from books and teachers and start THINKING about things that you are passionate about.


So. The word that starts conversations around campfires and cafe tables... SO. Since my blog gets random and most likely robot pings on the pages... rather than people (York, you  are not a people, you are a lion) I suspect this won't do my for my ratings. Dang.

However that is just fine. JUST FINE. he he. 

I have enjoyed this morning. Still am. Now off to make some lists then tear a wall out to make a new closet that will get cedar lined panels and cool wooden doors.

First some lists. 

rock on kids.


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