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Saturday, August 31, 2013


a book web page is fading into obscurity since i have not been writing and blogging about IT

The Geist Chronicles - a story an epic in the works a figment of my mind of a dream of a moment I had years ago. Years. Dreams ago. A long time ago.

In short in summary in a moment I would say that the story is about what is next for man kind. The story is a kind of Jedi Knight like thingy mixed with the Seventh Generation sprinkled with Eckhart Tolle and a  bit of additive of Celestine Prophecy spiced with Bourne Identity and Star Trek.

We are not about overpowering others we are about helping others, about love. To over power others is to hate. To love is to help. In the process of this we find we are not about this body. This body is just a manifested container that holds the spirit. The spirit is filled with a mix of love and hate. The spirit is energy.

Ergo we can go places withOUT  the body and - come back.

Oops. Sorry Church. Your corner on the market will take a hit... but only if fear drives the thinking and then that corner is in jeopardy. If love is the answer then that is the only concern. Not gold. Not real estate and pomp and ceremony. But however and this story is  not new. The ball buster is that it is not new. Only the power mongers do not want the truth out. The truth sets everyone free. That threatens the prime real estate on the corner.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." CJ

It really is a question of unity over division. Oddly since the universe has to consume itself to manifest itself it is destructively constructive but eating and gas giants consuming terrestrial bodies in fiery deaths is actually natural and healthy. Humans have these things called ideas and "isms" which I still debate if it is natural to destroy or kill over such intangible things but it is true that they provide a contrast of two paths. I think the shadow and the caster finds an answer in the math. All in one one in all...think about that the next time you throw a stone at yourself.
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