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Friday, November 23, 2012


plastic flowers

an insatiable person
a wounded soul
seeks validation
from others
food for vanity
seeking strength from others

feeding on lust
desire and want
to know

am I wanted
because i don't want me
i am afraid of me
if others say
i want you
maybe i will too

no matter how much
no matter that many
no matter that one
a special one 
daily feeds favors
and affirms your beauty
when you are lost
you never will find

you never will find
if not peaceful from within first

are your kind
plastic yard sale flowers
trying to hide in the garden of life

seeking validation
from others
food for vanity

am i not beautiful

no - your soul is dead
seek your soul to find
your radiance
i can not find you
you must find your
your own way

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