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Saturday, October 13, 2012


reap what you sow

Asking the question : why do we feel we deserve anything?

I found :

Where the author says 'hell no' if you don't put in the work why do you deserve anything?

So I searched for poetry on topic of 'I deserve' and I did not find anything readily. So I feel that perhaps I write what I seek...

Along the way
Food was easily found in stores
TV brought entertainment and politics by marketing Gurus
Along the way
words have changed context
Thrown about easily in the sandbox
the words show us
those that are looking
show us how lost we are

Deserve: to be worthy
Origin from Latin deservire to devote oneself to, from de- + servire to serve

Today we collectivity bemoan we DESERVE health care we DESERVE freedom
we DESERVE a good (man/woman) lover-marriage-partner
why I ask
why do we, why do I... deserve

when did the notion of the word TO SERVE
when did the notion of the word become GIMME

why are we worthy?
we are not worthy

to be worthy we would be humble, we would be helpful, we would give food to the hungry, we would build shelters for the homeless, we would teach those who do not know, we would serve our fellow humans, we would treat others with kindness even when no one is looking, we would return the wallet full of cash, we would say our prayers for peace, we would be worthy through the effort and toils of our own hands to make this place this continent this world better that we found it.

Maybe - just on the outside maybe we would, if it was Tuesday... deserve a friend who is also present and aware and available to serve without regret or expectation of anything other than to know that indeed in kind through action through deed... tomorrow will be more at peace than today for today I served mankind with compassion and gratitude.

then maybe
just perhaps

then we would deserve
that dream that we yearn for.
true love.

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