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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


being authentic

from :: Colleen Steen : Feb 24 2011: I've often been told that I am authentic, and when I started getting this feedback years ago, I thought "what the heck does that mean"? I realized that the compliment was often coming after knowing someone for awhile, and they often seemed surprised that I say what I mean, mean what I say, and walk my talk. I know who and what I am and like to be fully in the moment with any interaction. I think it means truely knowing ourself, and willing to share ourself honestly with others. It doesn't mean being vulnerable all the time without filters. It means knowing how and when to use the filters, and knowing with whom we can be vulnerable or not. It means knowing there is strength in vulnerability. It means coming from a place of genuine love and respect, and leaving the ego in the background most of the time:>) I am an adventurer and explorer in this earth school, and would not deprive myself the opportunity to continue to learn, grow and evolve authentically:>)

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