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Friday, January 30, 2009


google map searching for ref to an address I found...

i was heading into denver and i dont do that often so i map.googled the address to see what the intersection looked like i was trying to find. .... i did not know it was a no car shopping mall thing... who knew?

so anyway i am using street view and panning around to look at the store fronts of where the starbucks is ... and my eye sees a waif of a women whom would and stop the breath of a man. ... pause... wow that is kinda wierd i thought... wonder how many 'interesting' snaps there are from the google vans captureing the pictures of streetviews. ... you will note that typically a persons face gets smeared so you can not determine who they are.... like this pic you can not tell that the image is of a particular person is... unless she sees herself or someone who is close to her and can spot that form, that dream walking, from afar.

12-29-2008 11-06-12 PM was the day and time i spotted the view

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