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Monday, November 26, 2007


Transitions and Projects and when to PUNT

Large projects being what they are at times they end sooner then you think. In times like these you punt.

To punt is one of those simple words that have many meanings like the word 'is' of which we of a certain age all recall the nefarious debate over the word is.

To punt:
To punt:
To punt:
To punt:

To punt... is about field position and it is a simple direct no nonsense analogy to the sales adage of 'get your pitch out there to as many places as fast as you can to get as many leads into the pipe line as you can as soon as you can so as to elicit options and choices before you are out of money from your last sale and when you sell diamonds and not widgets, punt sooner and bigger cause it is longer between sales to make your end of the year and monthly goals.' ... easier to say punt huh?

So, given options first...
  1. re-write your resume
  2. post it to Monster and to Dice
  3. update or create your Linkedin profile
    1. find all your recent professional connections and invite or add to your profile
    2. leverage your connections as soon as you can
  4. go through all recent recruiter requests you have received and or worked with and send a broadcast email with your new resume, that you are available and links to your profiles
  5. start calling your most promising connections and follow-up from your broadcast email
  6. blog about it
  7. repeat
The goal is to get as much out as soon as possible

The next goal is to take care of your self with exercise and a good health

The next goal is to spend as little as possible and start filling in smaller 'widget' projects as soon as possible

Then, repeat as try as soon as possible to stop using the word as soon as possible.

To Punt, is all about field position.

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