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Sunday, September 30, 2007


of hollow men


oh joy to see
elliots words splayed to see
the digest of prose
like freshkill upon the road

da vinci would not have known
with out exploring being
behind the skin
to find expose on hollow men
to deep link to new locations



I came in looking for reference to hollow men, from a NPR commentary this morning where Elliot is quoted...

'between the idea and the reality between the motion and the act falls the shadow'

i seek stories about this and in seeking find much by deep linking and here i am thankful for a path into dante regarding the line... 'unable to see the future unless the “multifoliate rose,” Dante’s symbol of Paradise' ...

oddly enough it brings to mind an idea about the holly grail, mary magdalene and her symbol, the rose.

deep linking i go
deep linking i go
deep linking i go

... ;-) perhaps i should lay off the espresso?

.:: why? ::.

Seeking a grail quest....

looking for things that seem to leap out at me in a way similarly described as in the celestine prophecy about the way that is lit as if by the energy of the true way that is

somewhere inspired by the trust of feeling of a search of a way of things leaping out and hitting me over the head as if the universe is saying this story this thought this idea is yours take it go with it run with see where the rabbit hole goes...

running with it i go

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