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Thursday, April 20, 2006


good night and good luck

long day today and at the middle, on the mortorcycle, i was heading home from a client meeting and past the intersection from hence my old buddy Berah was on my old Blue bike and i hit my horn, fiaam makes one loud horn that!

pulled a U turn and chased the man down, he waved me on, we went to his place and he cooked up a lunch for us both. a Berah blue plate special, raman noodles and nuked meataballs. we talked, miss not having him as a housemate at times. but that is not what this post is about.

he said, hey man come over tonight after Keenan's asleep and let's have some scotch and watch 'good night and good luck'. ok i said.

after my day wound down and i got my kid back to her mom's ranch, and got my dog back in my home in town, i got a head lamp reflective jacket type thing and pulled my singlespeed out of the garage to ride over to Berhas place a few blocks away.

dont want to get a RUI.

cool shirt idea i thought. riding under the influence... ha ha

watched the flick, drank scotch and post dvd movie commentary this statement was made and this is what the post is about.... to think about...

if the whole world WAS a true Democracy,
the white American male would be,
the minority.... think about it.

no wonder the Machivellian powers that be are playing games and Bush is being the silly monkey puppet of the cloistered puppeteers, they are at the same time loosing power to the flattening of the planet by way of technology blogs the world wide web and ideas as they are more and more getting blazzeningly Mad about the acts of the play.

scratching our collective chin about history... in the name of Democracy, the American elected government has put some bad people in place that we then had to take out later... if A equals B and B equals C therefore A equals C...... does this mean we are bad?

it does if we continue to allow it. who is going to stand up and work in fact like the good night and good luck edward r murrow's?

think about that

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