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Sunday, January 22, 2006


when dogs dream

dreams can come true
dreams can come true
dreams can come true

Dogs dream, stuffed toys reslemble dogs, we make toys, therefore we can make dreams come true.

yes? isnt that ir-ruff-utable logic? i have been dreaming so long about what i want about what i would like about what i seek, will i recognize a good person to team up with and work on a dream together? what is the dream? what is a good person? what constitutes the whole package of personality, thought process, problem resolution, joyfull expression, saddness expression, what constitutes a person whom has enough of core similarities to make a GOOD teammate in this life thing?

i have been feeling for a long time that no matter how hard i look i would not find a person who is enough like me and i like them that we could click into a team thing where we can support each others weaknesses and support each others strengths and enjoy the highs and allow the lows to create a balance to seek a balance to understand the yin and yang nature that i have been bleak in my salt encrusted tear in the corner of my eye from the dry dessert wind and loneliness of the process

not willing to allow the 'if only i was more average, more normal, more like everyone else' into play i have continued to ride through the dessert on a horse with no name


will i recongnize a like soul when i meet her?will she recongnize me?what series of events will be appropriate for getting to knoweach other

a flower does not sprout from the ground fully in bloom
it needs to break free of the seed,
toil against the dirtthat gives it strength
burst into the sunlight
stretch to reach new hights
have the energy to bud
then, after some rain

i welcome this endeavor when it may come... i feel ready

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