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Monday, January 16, 2006


what point does the general public go 'ah hah!'

This story about rain in seatle being the intensifier of pollution is like saying that H2O is a caustic substance outlaw it!

Rain water has nothing to do with pollution in the sense this article pours out. What the deal is is two pronged, forked (devilish); in that , one fork, we the people have gotten rid of the wetland type strata in the environment so when the rain falls, there is nothing to slow down and filter the water naturally, the other fork, is that we the people group and thereby intensify the type of pollutants that rain water is washing over ergo the concentrates of a particular type are too high for a natural process to handle. Example, suburbia has a lot of lawns, the lawn doctor puts lots of pesticides and fertilizers down, it rains and it gets washed off before full absorbstion occurs result is the burden of hi toxicity is flowing down hill.

So to read a statement like:

"Storm water is a source of pollution,
because there are pollutants in our
environment that the storm water picks up,"
state Ecology Department spokesman Larry Altose said.

... is mind numbing. It is like saying guns kill. It is like saying video games are destroying our youth. HELLO... ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION?!

=> Guns do not kill, the people deciding to point and pull the trigger kill.
=> Video games are not destroying our youth, the parents not engaging the kids, the family into activities and projects that take human interaction and create learning situations for our children is the destruction of our youth.
=> Storm water is not a source of pollution, we the people and our desire for short sighted returns with out regard to the long term effect is the source of pollution. WE ARE.

We the people are so focused on the stock market return we are destroying our youth, our environment, our collective futures. The stock market return is when we want to reap dividends from a system now. I put $100 in, I want to get a $150 out in 6 months, or worse, in 6 days... you get the idea yes? What does it really mean to invest? What are we investing in?

A concept is this, people focus on wanting bigger is better, wanting no pain, wanting the 'easy button' in life, that I say that perceived need of people is what is going to kill us. The Devil is in the focus of one side of an equation with out balancing the equation. We want the fruits with out the labor. We do not want to study and learn and look into our selves to 'heal' we want Prozac fix it today, we want our hyper short attention span kids to mellow out, we want a pill.

In the case of the storm water, it is not the problem, the guns are not the problem, walmart is not the problem (where did THAT come from?), the problem is the societal focus to get with out participating, to be dry warm and fat with out building a roof stacking firewood (fuel) and hunting skinning cleaning cutting cooking our own foods.

Most people if required to hunt kill slaughter their own food would never eat meat again. Or if they went to a feed lot and watched the cows panic going into the chute or chickens being fed into a machine while hanging upside down from a conveyor system and (you get the picture yes?)

If people were required to get their drinking water from the run off from their own neighborhoods, THEN maybe they would not pour the crap into the system they do now with out a thought.

The solution is not this simplistic, or easy, gosh if it was easy it would not be a problem. The trick is really where to start?

Where do we start?

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