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Sunday, January 15, 2006


sometimes perceptions are...

not related to reality

i got an email from mom the other day, a forward mail from one of my nieces... she had seen a picture of mine from in june when i had 4 very very happy dogs in the house (you can see they are all smilin)

to her she sees the joy in that moment captured. if you look at the time period that picture came from you would be aware of joy and sadness. if you then step back further and look you would see a life and the question is is the life full of joy or sadness or balanced?

i was having a conversation at 2 am on new years with a woman so attractive that all the guys in the bar were almost lined up to get her attention, espcecially since she was a twin and her sister was standing next to her. we were having this conversation about good and not good and how americans are fixated on one side of the equation and not the other.

have you remembered your early algerbra? you could do anything to one side of an equation as long as you did it to the other side as well. multiply by 9. take the cosign of the value.. what ever. it was ok

well here is the reality. some of the diatribes here have been heavy, that does not mean i live a dark and brooding life. just the opposite actually. (sister take note) just because i read a historic religious text like the gospel of mathew in the same hour that i read a historic religious text like the wiccan book of shaddows... means only that i am looking for balance and perspective on asking the same questions (you know what ,they are quite in harmony really, but that will be another dissertation)

the picture above, two of those dogs are the ones mentioned else where in this blogspace, i heard from one neighbor the other day that they had gotten out of thier back yard and were, plus thier other bigger hairier brother (taz) who is not in this picture, they were all at my gate barking and barking and wanting to get into my yard space to 'play'


because all they know if all the interactions is the joy that is given them, them the dogs like children are pure spirits and all they knew and remeber and get are/is the happy vibe. the play time.

they still come over randomly even tho thier mom person and i essentialy wave and send texts back and forth 'dogs play?' 'dogs back' etc... what does that mean?

one, the pic above is wonderful, brings wonderful memories, i can see, i can rember smells, textures, all sorts of nice stuff that i hope sticks with me when i am with alzhiemers and real old and am saying 'sadi do you want to play' and people will wonder WTF is that old man saying?

two, just because some of my blurbs here are heavy on one side of the teatertotter.. does not mean that i think the nieghbors only reality is as i describe it once or that the sky is falling... so if you readers, friends, family, strangers think that is the case, if you stick around long enough to get perspective, you will see balance as that is my goal

to find balance one must swing about a bit to get there. like beth was saying in the bar at 2 am, if people expect stuff immediately then reject and run as soon as some 'not good' occurs... then that is messed up, not right and off base.

the question that my friend luke and i are tumbling about in our brains, is how do we parlay this into a book movie script or some such to emphasize the idea that this reality that western civilization is in is not balanced, that a lot of the premises that things are based on people have lost the contextual meaning behind the result

in computer speak, today people are running on RISC instead of CISC (Reduced Instruction Set Code instead of Computer Instruction Set Code) ie, they skip the why how or because of and go right to the next.

that is wrong, we all need to find ways of taking time to get perspective, of taking time to experience or look into both sides of the equation, take the time to feel the down as well as the up to better understand.

thats i hear my microwave beeping as my 8 yr old is making us oatmeal for bfast... yummmy



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