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Monday, December 26, 2005


to keep in mind the will of spirit

so the inspiration was to get a Celtic Tree of Life pendant. The store near the house had one, that you see here, however it is not the classic book of kells tree but a twist to that by a lady from california, in the branches are a man and a woman and some small animals and a circle symbol. to me i was following serindipity and went with it.

the idea is that seeing the previous post, i need to keep reminding my self to let go of worry like the tree of life letting go of it's leaves in the fall, knowing that spring will come again and new life will spawn both from the new leabes, and from the old leaves that will collect somewere far away and make compost and become fertilizer that will help grow other trees. ( link ) Classic Kells imagery >>>

to let go is key in dealing with my strange and deranged constant daily tribulation of having to deal with something that is so unreal as to be surreal.

the bottom line is succubus's exist (

that is harsh, but to define a demon as this number 2. definition (1 being 'a devil') a demon is a persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: .... yup, then wrap that in a package of one who is doing her best to be 'drawing energy from the men to sustain themselves,' and there you go.

I have never known such a thing... it is amazing and after this season of the Yule, it has felt like a rebirth were it was so painfull for a little bit that I now feel differently and yet there is beginning to be this sense of a classic 'devine comedy' going on and i feel really sorry for this entity that has taken so much from me and yet i have learned so much. ...

an odd thing as i re read this i recalled a few months ago, she had mentioned somehow the story of ( Samson and Delilah. And I had read the story after the comment and wondered about it. Things seemed to continue on a strange slide to the present were all this recent writing of mine has occured. ... I think i was supposed to behave differently then what i have behaved... who knows, since she wont talk about it... anyway..

wish i could throw a life vest out there becuase to watch her sink in this pattern she is in is sad and it is sadder to see inocents (aka the dogs) have to be kept away... every now and then they break free and come running over and are like OMG let's play I miss you man, quick throw a ball before I get dragged away again!

Poor dogs, i would adopt them in a second.

anyway.... people, readers, strangers.... the key here is that in life, nothing is easy, look for what you can learn from everything, do not abandon your friends if you can help it, but remeber to be pulled down by a drowning fool is of no use to anyone, they must drown to 'get it' and with hope will be reborn in a life form that will have a better chance at getting it the next time around...

this pendant has already been helpful.


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