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Friday, December 09, 2005


sometimes tears flow when the music is over

I just got done watching cold mountain... a story about the strength of love to carry one through the hardships in life... i got up when the movie was over and sat down in the other room, on the floor, by the wall...

Tears they fall
at times when the music is over
when all alone
in the corner of the room
looking around
no one is found
to come and hold
my hand

when the music is over
it takes time
to find the peace
to regain your mind
it takes a day
it takes a year
sometimes still
the saddness comes
and the tears may roll

at times when the music is over
when all alone
in the corner of the room
looking around
no one is found
to come and hold
my hand

i sit alone
upon the floor
my dog and cats try
to console
but it is said
when a blind man
has never seen
the azure blue of the
morning sun
he cries not
for what he never knew

but to have loved
and the have lost
is saddness true

a broken heart
at times it comes
when you are all alone
and no one is around

you find your self
upon the ground
sobbing loudly
the tears they roll

it takes time
a day
a year
it takes time they say
to heal
sometimes never
one never knows

let the tears roll on
let it be
the healing starts
when they flow free


found this article......

Ten Ways To Heal a Broken Heart

Do not worry about having ups and downs; these are signs that you are healing. A broken heart requires as much care as a broken bone or as any other physical ailment. However, with time and proper care, one can be confident that it will heal. The same powerful forces that mend a broken bone will heal your emotional pain, but a wounded heart needs time and proper care to heal. Bear the pain. Admit it is hurting. The greater the loss, the more time you will take to heal. Do not worry about having ups and downs; these are signs that you are healing. You are more fragile now, there is no shame in that, so take it easy. Crying is a natural release. Remember you are not alone. You cannot be a human being without suffering loss. Here are some emotional bandages for a broken heart:
• Stay calm and treat yourself gently.
• Recognise and accept your injury.
• Stay with the pain - do not deny it.
• Take your time to heal.
• Rest and nurture yourself.
• Accept comfort from family and loved ones.
• Take care in making important decisions.
• Attempt to resolve the conflict.
• Anticipate a positive outcome.
• Stick to a routine and keep yourself busy.
• Don't panic.
• Don't deny the hurt, or the mistakes.
• Don't dwell on the negatives or stay isolated.
• Don't make choices, or decisions, that create more chaos and pain.
• Don't fall into relationships on the rebound, by making impulsive judgements.
• Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes or to ask for help.
• Don't take to alcohol or drugs.
• Don't lose faith!
RELATED ARTICLE : The Three Keys to Happiness

I feel bad when others are in pain, but you are strong Justin and i know one day you will not be. take care of yourself. there is someone out there wondering about you.
to feel pain, means I am alive... if I felt nothing, no pain, then I am numb to life.

in the pain the colors of life are more intense, I liken it to the pain of hiking to the summit of a 12,000 or 14,000 foot peak and to sit on top, sipping water, looking about while the legs burn, the heart pounds, the lungs heave, and to know, I made the journey and the pain did not turn me around.

While the pain I felt last night was caused by the loss of the love I thought I had in a realationship I thought was real I am realizing that she was never really with me in partnership and that I was so in love with the idea of being in love that i was not attuned to the reality of the little signs and little warning flags.

so here I am and realizing that I desire a life partner who is similar enough but different enough to fit well. ... someday all will fade away as I look into someones eyes and a feeling rushes in like a summer breeze.


until then, the tears and the giggles all are part of the sparkle of life. to know that i feel with honesty is a good thing

thank you for your thoughts..

who are you?

i am only a friend to talk to from the past present and future. i think i like being the invisible person though. so just know i care. how about that?
Well, I am a little uncomfortable with a person not willing to be up front, aka, I would not have guessed it but now... I realize I have ghosts... there are six or more people this could be... whom would not be direct with just saying 'hey it's me!'

I have had a situation with a 'nieghbor' who was once more then that, she decided to not be more then that and however, she did not make that deciscion with what I would call integrity, to this day she has not been honest with me, I have tried to share with her that the Truth is easier to bear then deceit...

it is at a point where what trust and respect was there, is no more. how can i trust a person who will not or is not capable of Truth?

I have also had a friend who would wnat to do cool things together but when it was time to walk the walk she would disapear... and that in kind is a case of how can I trust a person who does not respect themselves and or me enough to communicate what is going on?

Then continueing, I have had a friend who was a real pal for a while and when we had an issue arise, rather then deal, she would not reply or try to address the issue, to work it out. same thing.. how does one support that kind of behaviour?

further back there was a woman whom did a polarity switch that caused heavy pain and same thing.. the approach she took was not one of respect for me enough to talk about it... she tried, we had lunch, but when i went to use the rest room, she paid the bill and split.

is this my karma?

am i not respectful of others ergo get this back to me from the universe?

i do not like green eggs and ham, not sure yet what boundries i will plan, the bearded man that I am
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