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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Solstice and what are doing about it?

Last night I watched both a show on TV by Barbara Walters about Heaven and a show about Christmas and that date of Christmas and some of the early gospels of Mathew, Luke and Mark. How the story of Christmas was spoken of differently in each gospel and this was from the point of view of a couple of ‘esteemed experts’ whom I do not recall the names. But you of course could search and find out their credentials eh?

The AH HA moment this morning over coffee and home made applesauce cake my mom sent out from Vermont to Colorado… was while reading an email list I get from a group of Witches in the Australian part of the world talking about The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis whom most everyone knows was one, a best friend of J.R. Tolkien and wrote his story at the same time, during world war II in Britain. Also C.S. Lewis was later to become an esteemed scholar and favorite of the Christian world so I was intrigued by what the witches/pagan’s were saying about the movie.

I realized, in tandem to the concept of the book “ISHMAEL” that in the world there are givers and takers.

Christian’s believe that this world is only here as a holding tank to prepare for a trip to Heaven. If you fail, you fall to Hell. Witches/Pagan’s believe in the balance and the unity of life being about being here now. If we mess up our home, the earth, we have no were else to go so let us not mess up our mother earth! In the piece about Heaven the Jews also have a point of view that is closer to the Pagan idea… I mean of course right? Pagan’s were around first, Jews later, Christian’s followed in time, then Islam came about later after Christ’s teachings.

Ergo, we have gotten farther from the origin.

The origin of the stories has been lost to the mainstream and today, Christmas is about Macy’s parade ToysR-Us and video games and apparently about trying to put more lights up outside the house then the neighbor does… damn ugly shit out there that are simply effigies to misunderstanding the stories.

The candle in the window was about the longest night of the year and hoping the Sun would come back.

This tied into Christmas as a way of hoping the Son would come back. The whole timing thing of when Jesus was born and when Christmas was morphed into creation seems disjointed since it seems to be closer to historic empiric that Jesus was born in the spring hence the shepherds tending flocks of sheep, and the Christmas star would have been Jupiter in the constellation Leo, Jupiter the king of the planets and Leo the king of the beasts… ‘a king is born’

SO, what do we have? A dilemma I say a dilemma! I mean look at the numbers ( ( that is a lot of takers, of people who are not living for now but living for death. Wierd huh?

As the mini ice age in Britain ( creeps in and as the Green House effect is debated over the Chinese growth and the United States Consumption and who is responsible and is there even an issue … heck Bush leads the pack of Neo Conservative that walk away from the world summit ( and turn there backs on tomorrow for favor of today.

Should we not be paying more attention to finding a balance and a sustainable world balance?

On this shortest day of the year… I put that out in the web space to be seen… what are you doing for world peace? What path are you walking?

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