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Friday, October 07, 2005


programing code... it is a sign when...

.: Then the alarm went off :.
So the sign is that it is Friday, you have to go at 15:00 to get the kiddo from school and you are working on a logic loop and handleing errors and debuging and all that jazz and

what th!

Then when I got home and Phaelan and I played for a bit with Ruby who was home alone today, then we were able to include the three nieghborhood hooligan dogs inthe mix so all canids got ball time, back rubs, tag, and eye booger picking and Phaelan goofed and I got my shirt torn (by Ruby) and we played good.

Then when I made pizza for dinner, with the oven on BROIL wondering why the bottom of the pie was soft, then realizing why and my sinus was getting worse and maybe I should not have had that glass of red wine...

Then watching ice age with cats and ruby and phaelan and we were eating my head was pounding I ate my food... and fell asleep.

Then the movie is over and kid is gone but animals are piled on me as the annoying sound of the DVD menu screen kept looping


I stumble upstairs put food away, Phaelan is brushing her teeth and I open my computer to look at the logic loop I was working at 15:00 when my alarm went off... next thing I know, it is 1.5 hours later, Phaelan is asleep on the couch, I got the logic working, the data validation working, the field locks working, the selection of correct table template working and Whoo Hoo and I look around, it is 21:30, Phaelan is asleep and Ruby is crossing her legs 'i gotta peeee' she is telling me.

I got out, Ruby Pees I go to the gate waiting for her to come through and then the next thing I know she walks past me from OUTSIDE the gate back INTO the back yard... oops. Eyes must have closed. I was thinking of the code I have been working on.

I go inside OOOOMPH pick Phaelan up off the couch tuck her in, check email, write this....

It is a sign, I think I am near the threshold almost where I am getting INTO finding solutions in code.


I am going to sleep now.

Namaste faithful readers and all that ...

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