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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Mead's have been philisophic group for a long time

.: From my Dad... his thoughts on my recent blatherings :.

This means for me that I am ready to Love unconditionally because in this test, while I would have wanted other realities to unfold, here I am and I only can control my reaction to life and my choices to situations and I feel I have with integrity faced Love, Loss, Grief with sincerity of my full self. 22 Sept.
Seems as though you had found an answer back in Sept. By stepping into the world of love and loving all things great and small, you become one with the universe. That is the God created universe of the cosmos. That is the source of all life. When other souls are unable to fathom this kind of unconditional love, don't let them drain your souls energy. When other souls want to test you, don't step into the ring to see who can stand the longest. When you are centered no one can knock you over. That is the Chi of your own energy source. That is the your deeply rooted sense of who you are and what being a Mead person is about. The generations of Mead people who have stood before you and are watching you stand tall and straight and true to yourself. All of their love energy is focused in you.
I really apprieciate feedback like this..

It is Sunday AM, I have been working on office work for a while, think i am going to go mow my yard now....

Been reaching out to old friends and some new friends. Found out a neighbor who has his office near my garage, has been going through similar life drama of interpersonal relations. It is amazing really.... what is the chain of events that brings people together and why...

as he told me his story his eyes were getting teary. This is an atty who is almost 50, and he is experiencing the same pain of the heart / being that I had recently. I hope he takes me up on my offer to stop by anytime and hang out and 'share' as it would be good for me.

I find in life, the more I help others, the better I feel about me. And, the more I learn about my own stuff and it helps me process better what goes on in my life. I am amazed how I 'think' I am over and past the emotive place in my drama and have moved on. The reason I am amazed is that 15 years ago, when a similar life event occured... it took me years to get to this place.... almost 10 years actually.

So, here I am...

mindfull of my footsteps
as I mow my yard
wtih my antique push mower
soaking in the warmth
of the sun on my body
mindfull of my footsteps

we all find our destiny when the time arrives and it usually smacks us in the face and scares the crap outa us. but i find that being scared to death and in love is the best way to find out what you are made of.
but on the flip side being sad and heart broken gives the time to become who need to be to find that person.
thanks Anyomongus, so true. to temper steel you have to expose it to fire, for a seed to breach the soil to become the flower, it has to first brake out of it's shell and toil towards the source of warmth (solaris)... life is struggle and from this struggle we either learn, or we are nuts (crazy = doing the same thing expecting different results) so yup...

good foundation work for somthing wonderful is what i have been doing becuase what the heck, to look at it anyother way is a downer. gotta find the glimmer of affirmation and good and go with that

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