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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Kingdom of Heaven

The movie, I just bought the other knight. Get it? ... Knight! ha ha

It had been a long week, I won't boar you with the details suffice it to say that I needed to decompress so I picked up some 90 Shilling and a movie. As I watched the movie, then the second disc with the historic information and the like... what I realized I was getting from the movie is this... the title, the request of Pope Urban II to retake the 'Kingdom of Heaven' and the near the end scene when Balian (protagonist hero aka Orlando Bloom) says to the Queen of Jerusalem Sybillia (aka Eva Green) 'Your brothers kingdom is here (pointing to the mind) and here (pointing to the heart) and can never be taken away.'

What I realized is the Kingdom of Heaven is in the HEART not in the PLACE. The shallow and despotic peoples who easily sway from conviction, like the Bishop of Jerusalem who cowards before death and compromises integrity in the name of self preservation, or Guy de Lusignan who is a Knight Templar and at one moment in the film a demonic roar is heard as he is campishly splashed with so much blood like a jug of wine at a kegger while he kills for the sake of killing these are the shallow players on the fields of our Lord. What the TRUE knight reveals is that Heaven is not a place, Heaven is a state of being.

Being true to integrity, character, telling the truth even if it means your certain death. Being a true human being whom at night you feel you can rest easy with your self, that is Heaven. To otherwise, like in my posting from this morning about the modern man syndrom of worshiping the pulpit of soundbites and instant answers and gratification, is to be in a Hell state. To be in a place where torment of poor decisions plays out in the mind, the heart and soul as well as in the physical.

Imagine if you will, you decide to drink too much liqour, then drive, then wreck your car and you killed others on the road becuase of your choice or lack of ability to think beyond the moment and make a real choice, instead you follow your mores, you follow your bliss into Hell. You live the rest of your life with flashes of the families eyes just before you plowed your vehicle into theirs. Etched into your soul is the image that torments you lasting breath in your Hell state. To not be able to take a fraction of a second, or longer if needed and decide what your actions will do to others and yourself, instead of just thinking 'myself' and being rash.

To be compassionate to others, to decide not to break up a dog fight so the two dogs who will be living together can work out, on their terms who is boss and not have to repeat the question later is to be thoughtful. Even though you know one or both dogs will be injured possibly. To step into the fray is to not think of everyone. To make a decision from the selfish place, like Guy in the movie 'well then I will have all the glory' he says as he orders and leads many men to their death based on his vain and poor judgement, is to be in Hell.

As the Christian's state, anyone, at any time can repent and redeem themselves...

I do not decree such behaviour for salvation only, I am not Christian, like the protagonist in the movie I am with out Faith, but I feel I am with strength of conviction of my spiritual fortitude. If YOU want to live in Heaven on Earth, or the Kingdom of Heaven, be thoughtfull in your actions, be true to others and yourself, stand up for those too weak to know how.

See the beauty amid the chaos, the good in every situation, have hope that we are not here to live in torment, we are here to learn from our torment and rise above it into a place of Grace. That is what is meant by 'go with God' I think. The Kingdom of Heaven is our Soul.

Be thoughtful, there is more to the classic Philisophic statement 'Congito Ergo Sum' ... I think there fore I am.... to think is to not be animistic, to be in survival mode, to think is to be in a place where you can decide your best course of action. To react is to be on the razors edge balancing between Heaven and Hell and only the slightest of error could push you to either side unpredicatably so.

Think about it, the world through rose colored glasses.... the state of mind is where happiness is born.

I like your pic (I may have to resurrect the pic of me backcountry skiing in UT. Read your comments in App. Int. on The Kingdom of Heaven and followed them over here.
That was well put. Though I also beleive Heavan is a place.
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