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Sunday, October 09, 2005


I should have taken some pictures

Got a IM from an old friend of mine... 'whatcha doin?' asked Bobby...

I have not seen Mizz Bobby for a while, we used to ride motorcycles often and just in general hang out... she is in some of my pics here and there online...

The weather in Colorado yesterday was classic spectacular... so.. I grabbed Phaelan and Ruby and hucked them in the car and went and found PDM some new boots... Check these out!... (pic will upload later) ... nice color huh? Her old paddock boots where too tight for motorcycle rides and gotta have boots to cover the ankles.

This was PDM's longest ride so far. Took her up to Massonville, up to Stove Prairie then up and over and down and out Risk Canyon. There are some tight second gear corners on that loop and PDM did good as passenger. Her new helmet (full face road lid instead of her dirt lid) was a little snug and we had to stop and take her French Braids out to reduce the forhead pressure. Some of the corners on Risk Canyon are thes falling away tight tight switch backs where when going down hill it is as if you (to the unexperienced rider) let the bike fall into and down the hill ....

After the ride PDM was smiles and like 'cool'

During the ride thought there was that one corner and I came into it, the corner got tighter and I had to tap the brake realign my direction and goose the gas... and here I had been going real slow and smooth with my precious cargo on board... like skiing sometimes I feel safer when I am pushing the limits because all my senses are ON you know... anyway, we were fine, I stayed on my side of the yellow line and no prob... just had to tap the brake and adjust...

BUT ... as I watched my mirror for Bobby to get her 883 harley around the corner... OMG she blew over the yellow and went way wide... she stayed on the pavement and no cars where coming up hill so all was good that ends good... but good gracious!

In my past I have run into reducing radius curves and turns while pushing high speeds, I have reacted becuase of my high speed, by not touching the brakes and just giving more gas and trusting physics... and hoping my tires will stick... and they have, and here I am, and so at slower speeds where there is more room for the suspension to suck up errors with out breaking the rubber loose and sliding, you can tap a break so I was not worried just a 'oops' and all. I mean I have slide tyres before, have stood my bike on it's front wheel in traffic pulling an emergencie stoppie (WITH LUGGAGE) and all sorts of things.. I have a couple miles on the road at this point of my riding since the age of 12...

Just glad no cars where in the lane when Bobby had to drift wide. I think I would like to get her on a dirt bike and have her drift a bike sideways in the dirt flat track style cause that is what would have kept her in her lane yesterday... the experience to gas it and tweak the bar with a counter steer bump and thenthe bike would heal over harder (hers would be scraping pegs and pipe at that point, hard) and she would likely slide the back tire some and have to stick a foot out and ... stay in her lane with out a high side or low side and or going into the other lane...

I did that once with camping gear on my old blue bike on Independance pass... a frost heave bucked my bike as I came into a hairpin and i stuffed a foot out flat track style and had a moment of PUCKER as my bike slid on the foot pegs and I kept it all together and pulled through with out sliding down into the ravine.

(hope mom is not reading this!)


Hey... any way... we had a fantasticaly rich and creamy chocolate and peanut butter cup pie at Vernes.... and it was good to spend a little time with an old friend. Bobby bought a house recently and with her travels.... 6 to 7 days a week... she is just not around much.

Good to be connecting to old friends though.. did I already say that? I guess the universe is giving me a hug.


friends are always friends, even if you see them very little, states and time do not stop the bond or feelings you have for those who are part of your life, or at least it should not, if it does then maybe they were not friends.
that and old friends are great to ride with, it will always make you smile.
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