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Saturday, September 24, 2005



you know it is an amazing thing to just play.

Phaelan had a cheer contest today... it went overtime, it started late, went late and we had a big lunch, after 13:30 which for US is late... especially since we started our day early.

After getting home, PDM put in a movie, I wrapped a motorcycle frame that I need to ship soon... (it looked funny the way I wrapped it) and went back in the house, crashed on the couch next to the kid and got catted, Sally on my belly button chakra, and then Ruby whinning at the door tooke PDM's attention that the nieghbor with dogs who play with Ruby and I thought was my Anam Cara to find that Life is full of suprises and illusions and then Sassy catted me and was purring soo loud in my ear that I almost did not hear the phone. The third call was a buddy of mine who needed to be rescued from his cunundrum of locking his keys in his truck.. so I got off the couch, found my kid accross the alley hanging out with the nieghbor, headed up to help my pal.

And then what, I had dog and kid in car, so we went to dog park, played for 30 plus minutes then when we got home, the nieghbors dogs where hanging of the back stairs barking 'get us out of this gate so we can PLAY'

PDM got permission from LL and then with 4 dogs a kid and a dad, we threw balls and had 'who can hang off the clothes line poles longer' contests, chased Ruby (her favorite game) did yoga, I helped PDM with her handstands, taught her how to do handstands, we played and played and played for two hours inthe back yard.

It was really fun. We were just lighthearted goofy bouncy and dog like. living in the moment of 'did i hear a toy bounce?'

to play, what a concept.

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