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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


mulling over the word ULTERIOR

so when you have a bag of popcorn after midnight... is it dinner or breakfast?

mulling over the word ULTERIOR in the use of 'Utlerior Motive' around mulling over my drama soap opera life Odyssey I took a moment to down a dark beer and a cigar while staring at the dark sky of a wet colorado night. I had written a short two page screed. Can a screed be short?

Re reading my words and pondering the flow of the paragraphs, is it going to be even worth it to deliver the position paper or is it just a diatribe that should go into my journal and never be read by any other person?

Sucking on the cigar and scratching my chin in the backyard and wondering what do i need to do to let go of all of this thinking space? I need to come up wtih a way to let go of this crap and move on. Do I need to verablize it? Do I need to do a cerimony of some kind?

My... my mind is melting right now... I just read prior to doing this quick entry a chunk of code for work, earlier tonight a buddy stopped in and convinvced PDM and I to jump up to Carter Lake where he has a 27 foot sloop. it was her first time on a boat like that, and her knuckles were white. she really did not want us to set sail. a small squall burst went thru and we hung out inside the boat eating sandwhiches, then once the rainbow showed it'self, we motored out a bit, then drifted back to the docks....

any way... i do not think anything i say to the drama queen in question in anyway that will have any effect of positive nature.


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