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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Supreme Court and 5th amendment

you have to be kidding me?! ... a city can bulldoze a house to make way for a shopping center for the public good? the 5th amendment... was not the idea to protect the person's right to property? i understand the economics of taking out a neighborhood for a business center... but to me, it seems like this is a slippery slope where we the people keep loosing more to the government growing more powerfull and less transparent..

Does anyone remeber Rachel Corrie? she died trying to stop unreasonable bulldozing of family homes.... the ISM maybe needs to get involved in the common man here in America too!

I mean.... WTF people! if the governement is allowed to decide it wants YOUR house... for a business park... how will YOU feel about it? Do you think they will give you fair market and what about the hassel and issues around moving relocation, being able to buy a comperable house, what about the 87 year old lady who just wants to stay in the home she has known for GENERATIONS!


I mean look at this ladies house.... does that look like a place to condemn? There is a guys waterfront (Bill Von Winkle) business that is being condemend too. I think that was a bad call on the Supreme Courts rule... The City is wanting to bring in more gambeling casino places and other higher tax base type business's to the waterfront then the residential and business that are there now. This is not a case of a greator social good like as in a war is going on and we need a place to get boats into the water, (issues facing our founding fathers when they wrote the Amendment) this is a town that is high end when you compare to places in the heartland that have been ghosted by a highway's relocation or farming dieing and folks move away abandoning property. New London is not fading away, it is just not going to be a rich town like it was with the military bases pouring cash into the area. So the mayor will have to drive a Volkswagon in stead of a Mercedes Benz.... get a grip and look at the reality of allowing local people in government to make these kinds of decisions over a glass of whiskey with a developer at the local club and that is not good. Decisions like this need the oversight and guidence of esteemed people who are removed from the local politics and can look at the big picture. For the supreme court to say let's be Republican about it and let the local people decide.....

What do you think? .... read more....

why is it that when i google

I get blogs and where is the mainstream media on this?

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