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Friday, June 03, 2005



This is from a Yahoo Group thing for Meads... we have been doing DNA testing and exchanging of research on the family. Apparently we have always been a bit odd in the sense of non conformists. Some non-conformists have been the outlaw ish types (early Euro Americans were booted from Europe aka not part of any group think phenom)
this following is a post I thought was funny in the idea of sheds light...
Greetings Lance and Maryanna and all you other levelers... has a similar def. with a somewhat broader connation:
One who advocates the abolition of social inequities.
Leveller: A member of an English radical political movement arising
in the Parliamentarian forces of the 1640s and advocating universal
male suffrage, equality before the law, parliamentary democracy, and
religious tolerance
The traits I most admired in my father, Ralph Mead, were intelligence
and principle and taking care of his family. These are traits I see
in all Lance's wonderful Mead stories from their defense of Martha
Mead to their courage in telling the Bitish, "I am not hiding any
deserters, and if I were I wouldn't tell you!!"
I feel as though I have come home. I realize these attributes are not
only common to Meads, but I think we have been given genes that allow
this emergence. Such fun! Wish I could be with all of you in July! I
will be there for the next one!
Thanks, too, Wanda, for the suggestions on the DNA test, I will offer
to pay for my brother's or his son's. Unfortunately, my father is
deceased. I know he would do it in a heartbeat.
One of the interesting ironies of genealogy is we can sometimes heal
what we had hoped for in more immediate generations by communicating
with our extended families we had not previously had the privilege of
I think it is great that you, Maryanna, realize the value of your
children's heritage in spite of the fact that you are no longer
married to a Mead. In fact, you may be more "Mead" than your ex.. the
DNA shuffle is interesting.I think we are all more "related" than we
realize. A fact confirmned by my recent participation in the world
genome project sponsored by National Geographic.
Love to all you wonderful free-spirited Meads,
Hi Lance:Yeah, gotta have the dictionary and several other books of archaiclanguage if you're gonna do genealogy.Glad I fianlly found a group that talks to one another. No one in myfamily is much interested in genealogy. I don't have many people whoget excited when I find a juicy tid-bit to share.My ex-mother-in-law is a great old gal. She's eighty eight and still drives down to Orange County, CA from central Calif. all by herself. I speak to her at least once a week. I always joke that I got rid of him (my ex) and kept his mother. My mom died when I was twenty four and I was married to him for twenty three years, so it's almost like she's my mom.When I read that bit about Levellers, I couldn't help but think of myex and his two brothers. They're always ready for a fight and, if theycan't find anyone else to fight, they'll fight each other. Real Meadsto the bitter end. And don't look for them in the same place twice,they like to move around. Probably a genetic hold-over from when theirancestors were one step ahead of the law.Have a great day, all.
Har har har I see a trait thar I do!
Yankee Doodle went to town
Riding on a pony
Stuck a feather in his hat
and called it Maccaroni!

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