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Thursday, June 30, 2005


bush said we are hunting down terrorists and i thought

the speach the other night... a comment was made by bush that 'we are hunting down terrorists' and all i could think of was that elmer fudd and the wiley rabbit we all love.... but wait, we sided with the rabbit for his tennacity against the moronic hunter mr fudd.... so, now i am confused... do i cheer the rabbit or the hunter?
well in this case, the hunter is dumber then a bush, wait, he is a bush, and he just seems to not get it. not get the parallels to nixon, to arrogance, to the tide of people shaking their heads... oh yeah, we are a democracy and we voted this guy back...
so who is dumber?

Youse is good, youse is great, youse got the likeness so there is no doubt who is holding the gun. pops
thanks pop... good to hear some comment...

i always wondered ... is pop like a word for popsicle? aka just another word for a cold guy with a stick up his ass?

he he
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