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Monday, May 02, 2005


Wikipedia is so cool

I looked up Gestalt

Got inspired and came up with a bunch of random ideas for t shirts or bumperstickers

sound off on your thoughts to these......

( © Copyright 2005 all rights reserved, justin mead)

1- I clean cat litter

2- I put the toilet seat down

3- I don't belch in public

4- I bring presents often

5- I hug a lot

6- I say nice things

7- I do dishes

8- you ride shotgun

9- I drive

10- roses chocolates reservations

11- ask nice maybe

12- If I am interested, you can read this ( on front of shirt small print)

13- If I am NOT interested you can read this (on back of shirt)

14- If you listen well, maybe I will keep you

15- WYSIWYG, only if I say so

16- Authorized Personnel Only

17- No Phishing

18- Gestalt

19- A LAB VEAL I (anagram)

20- (picture of a handbasket with word - HELL)

21- satirical


22- Free Radical

23- By Product

24- Bomb Squad

25- In case of emergence, pull here (on underwear)

26- In case of emergency, pull here (on t shirt)

27- In case of emergency, go down on stairs

28- (her t shirt) Fox
29- (his t shirt) Hound

30- dont panic


31- Fox Hound

32- Siesmic

33- Avoid Group-Think

34- (insert silhouette of dog breed here) Chew Toy

35- absurdity


36- Registered Weapons

37- Happy Meal

38- Happy Eel

39- Cookie


40- Phantasmagoric

41- Juxtaposition

42- Wiki Wiki

43- Short words have bigger deffinitions

44- WAY

45- Define This

46- Widget

47- ACME

48- ACME-X

49- We're not worthy, that's why we are here (hell)

50- Until we learn, we will continue to burn (here in hell)

51- Hell defined by Dante, re-invented by Bush

52- Once a Monkey, always a Monkey (characture of GW Bush that looks like a monkey)

53- Man, Monkey, Both start with >M< .... Coincindence?

~~~ You can kind of see the stream of thought here, I will put some of these up for purchase in the form of bumper stickers and t-shirts shortly....

( © Copyright 2005 all rights reserved, justin mead)

These were very good, but number 51 made me laugh right out loud!
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