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Sunday, May 01, 2005


cuban cigar scotch and friends on porch oh my

here i sit, contemplateing many scatalogical things while i suck on a cigar and sip on scotch onthe porch swing with dog wondering WTF and Berah and Lori getting some 'joke material' in the form of bumpersticker pundits in a catalog.

hmmmmm, i just discovered indeed I can puff a smoke ring.

decident for a pauper and a miscreant indeed. yesterday, in a chance to go meet Che, I took the motorcycle down to Denver, in an April snow storm. The forcast said it was going to warm up and turn to just rain but it never did. that was a trip, wipe off slush, wipe off more, wipe wipe wipe wipe as the stuff came down thick, two up, Che on back and me trying to see. what a series of choices that was. Che is cool, at least she is very adventuresome as we could not talk much.... I joked I was not sure who was more nuts, her or me.

I put about 100 miles on that day. Sat.

ok, they are back, now we are all giggling... so later

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