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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


used to run the Buddhist group but

:: They are starting to charge now so ::
I sent this out...

look you all that lurk and do not show up... i understand life is a whirl wind of things to do and all... however, because Meetup is going to charge the 'organizer' $19 a month to have a group up... and because no one shows here....

I will be leaving.

I welcome folks to go to my BLOG at and we can have a running commentary on stuff about being buddhist and practice etc. I will put up topics and you all can add talkback and comments, you all can email me and I can post stuff like 'ok let us get tea at "x" place at "y" time and talk live!'
Sorry to you folks out there looking for a soft way to start in a buddhist thought and mindset... that this venue is most likely going to go the route of slow death...
join me at my BLOG and we can talk about it... or email me at and put the word 'buddhist' in the subject line. I have my spam filters on high alert so... make sure you put that subject line in!
Blessings to all true seekers

Justin Mead :: Loveland Colorado

Hi Justin, my name is Stephanie and I used to lurk on the Buddhist meetup group. I would of gone to the meetups, but I always dismissed them cause I had to work and I do not own a car. But anyways just wanted to say hi=)
well i have a car and a motorcycle and can transport you to venue or we could organize a gathering someplace close to ... campus? or what ever region of fort collins you can ride your bicycle to... to get folks on a routine of getting together would be nice... just a mellow thing...

my take. Sound off?
I can get to most places by bus before 5pm and other than that by bike to places around central Fort Collins. Along College from Horsetooth to Prospect. And to the East along Lemay spanning the same distance. A small group get together would be cool.
so then the question is.. how to get people of like mind to join a gathering place and time? ... i like avagadro's number as a place to meet... how many people can you gather up? ...

anyone else reading this?
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