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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


domestic violence

:: Is NEVER ok ::

A while ago I got this email... from a person who turns out to have the same last name, and turns out to be 16 and lives in Idaho... the more she has been telling me the more I worry for her safety even as I know that there are many people in similar conditions and worse ... this has a bit of a personal note... she has the same last name and it sounds like her dad, the 'Mead', has archaic ideas about what male female relationships... to the point the he condones the idea of this 16 year old living with a 28 year old. The sad thing is there are all the signs of domestic violence and batterment... so

I want to put some links up... just in case some one stumbles into here, and these links could help....
:: ::

... (good one for teens)

No one, NO ONE, deserves 'reminders' like that. do some reading:

Domestic violence is a pervasive problem in virtually all countries, cultures, classes and income groups. It is a complex and multifaceted problem with individual solutions that are appropriate for different women in different socio-cultural contexts.
Both short and long-term measures must be considered. Short-term measures consist of assistance programs that protect the individual woman who has been or is being abused. They often focus on the critical period after a woman leaves her home, providing her with food, shelter, and guidance. This is the period when a woman is most at-risk from the perpetrator seeking retribution, or when she might return to the home out of a sense of hopelessness. Long-term measures seek to educate the public and empower the woman to re-establish her life without violence.
Any response should involve an interrelationship between the health, legal and social sectors, so that the woman is not continually referred to another agency. One innovative approach is the use of "family crisis centers," or "victim advocates" to act as the woman's link to the various sectors.
Support can come in various forms:
.Crisis Intervention:
crisis intervention services crisis hot lines shelters or other emergency residential facilities medical services transportation networks laws that allow either victims or perpetrators to be removed from the home.
.Emotional Support:
self-help support groups assertiveness training self-esteem and confidence-building sessions parenting skills courses.
. Advocacy and Legal Assistance:
access to and custody of children property matters financial support restraining orders public assistance benefits help with immigration status.
.Other Supportive Services:
housing and safe accommodations child care access to community services
:: NO ONE DESERVES NOT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT :: even Micheal Bolton supports these guys....

stop behaviour that is not appropriate but being aware of the signs and being aware of what to do.... dont let your friends be victims, speak out.

Great post. It is awesome to see a guy caring about this knind of stuff!
Great post. It's terrible to see an abuse pattern starting up. So many times it becomes a lifetime pattern.
Re your comments on my blog: I found you via Blog Explosion. I appreciate your kind words about God Dem. Please come see me again!
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