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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


curious about the Pope and the Process brought me to Hell and back

Here I am sitting on the group W bench..... (arlo guthrie)
Some of the spin hype news and coverage on TV media about the process of electing a new Pope kind of ired me... My own internal family is spread on the religous spectrum from one family member who makes rosary beads for charity to another who went into the Peace Corps and came back attached to that ideal of life to the extent she married a fellow from Peru and of whom both adhere to a world religion of the Baha'i Faith and then here I am ... "on the group W bench which is where they put you if you are not moral enough to join the army" and I realize that the word Pagan in the early (Roman) time was used as a term for 'civilian' or not of the army of Christ, or 'of the country' and that suites me just fine. I am not a sheep, never was will be etc etc. Now for some, they need the Faith, they need the Pope, they need to feel the moral clarity of the Heaven Hell polarity. I get a sense that this imago that people today in general terms adhere to is a creation of Dante.
So I looked into Dante and found stuff of note. You see the idea of the Pope ... as most news where reporting it... raised the hair on my neck... reading the MSNBC piece about it's history, the election history... kind of settled me down a little. I feel strongly that I was hearing much too much about a bunch of men who where behind closed doors and were being politcal about who was next. These guys were talking about changes to the Church that the next Pope could enact and I got a sense of 'this is like how the Bible was written, decades after the death of Jesus, written by men who like these pious cardnals are bantering over the next Pope.' And people of the masses have been in limbo over who is next. Ummmmm did I miss something? Maybe it was the day in Sunday School when Dick on Donnie where spit wadding each other that maybe something important was said then that I missed?
So now, a Teutonic dude is being all 'humble' and but you know the image of his face to me reminded me of the 'go Dilbert go Dilbert' dance from Disney's Treasure Planet ... as in 'Dude, look at my new duds! And I get to pick a new name KEWL' and I was disapointed. For me I was really hoping the Latino guy who knows 8 languages would be elected.... but a German? I will have to look around to see what the Jewish reaction is to that. Does it not seem feasible that this fellow has his world paradigm shaped by people who bought into Hitler?
So as I dug around about this I found a host of neat websites:
And I came up with this: pratensis pagus scitor cognitio
pratensis [of a meadow] (mead)
pagus [from the countryside] (pagan)
scitor -ari dep. [to seek to know , inquire, ask].
cognitio -onis f. [getting to know , study, knowledge, acquaintance; recognition; legal inquiry, investigation]; in plur., [ideas].
pratensis pagus scitor cognitio
or ... The Mead from the country who seeks to know the truth.
And I found myself doing the go Dilbert dance en route to the coffee pot to get more cafiene.

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