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Thursday, March 31, 2005


searches bring strange links to this I attest

You see.. i was searching to find links to myself for resume work and to adjust items on my work site... in regards to seeing how well some of my keywords pop up. In doing so I found a whole bunch on this guy.... G.R.S. Mead who lived in the 1800's.

Check out these links for amazing and multitudes of links...

this guy on the right is G.R.S. Mead (George Robert Stowe Mead)

here is a piece... part of a conclusion written by GRS Mead.

One of the greatest secrets of the innermost initiated circles was the grand fact that all the great religions had their roots in one mother soil. And it was the spreading of the consciousness of this stupendous truth that subsequently gave rise to the many conscious attempts to synthesize the various phases of religion, and make "symphonies" of apparently contradictory philosophical tenets. Modern research, which is essentially critical and analytical, and rarely synthetical, classifies all these attempts under the term "syncretism" -- a word that it invariably uses in a depreciatory sense, as characterizing the blending of absolutely incompatible elements in the most uncritical fashion. But when the pendulum swings once more towards the side of synthesis, as it must do in the coming epoch -- for we are but repeating today in greater derail what happened in the early centuries -- then scholarship will once more recognize the unity of religion under the diversity of creeds and return to the original doctrine of the Hermetic Mysteries.
Look at this contents....

Of Vision and Apocalypse
The Corpus Hermeticum
The Great and the Little Man
The Presence
The Vision of Creation
First Emanation: Descent of the Logos
Revelation of the Pleroma
God Desiring Himself
Second Emanation: Mind the Maker
Third Emanation: Descent of Man
The First Men
To Increase and Multiply
Love as the Will of God
The Way of Deathlessness
Ascent of the Soul
The Eighth Sphere
Thrice-Greatest Hermes
The Spread of the Gnosis
The Meaning of "Pymander"


This is wild stuff...

My big question is what happend in the 1890's that thise kind of stuff was being searched? You have these people creating societies in London and India (
that were digging into all sorts of quesitons and availability of antique records that are harder to find now... but, seem to be springing up online....

What was it about this Epoch of peoples? You see the question arrises while reading through this stuff from the chapter 7 ( VII -THE EARLIEST EXTERNAL EVIDENCE TO THE TALMUD JESUS STORIES and thinking to myself.. .what allowed the time that prophets came to Earth and revealed themselves? Really, what would happen today if that occured? What will it look like in the future when a 'Prophet' reveals him/herself...

To me it seems that from my understanding, one of the last Prophets beget from the same time as this society was inthe mix... Baha'u'llah .... and ssooo that time was ripe with open minds, I do not think or feel that this time is ripe with open minds... what will it take for people to be receptive to a new foundation revelation? You know, 'one god' or 'love they enemy' or 'unity (necessity of faith, compassion and morality in human affairs)' or 'mankind is one' .....

ok wait.. found more cool links :

the ocean thing... is an exe file that is a refference from 10 world religions for study. it is a 20 mb file... I trust the source and if you are capable... download the thing, if not, contact me and I will burn you a CD and send it to you.... (Namaste)

anyway... i better get back to what I really need to be doing ... though the fax I am waiting for from the UNC about an IT Integration project/job has not come in yet... I have some research on business ideas to do...



read into these links.. I will be... they seem to be way cool and stimulating for ideas...



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