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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


bio diesel and oil reserves

You know..... the shit is going to run out.... why not go vegtable based? talks about how ....

Running on emptyThe leading energy analysts who foretold Enron's demise have an alarming new claim: The world's major oil companies are almost tapped out.
- - - - - - - - - - - -By Robert Bryce

March 15, 2005 Four years ago, the analysts at John S. Herold Inc. were the first to call bullshit on Enron. On Feb. 21, 2001, three Herold analysts issued a report that said Enron's profit margins were shriveling, the company had too few hard assets, and its stock price was way too high. Less than ten months later, Enron filed for bankruptcy.
Today, the analysts at Herold -- a research-only firm that issues valuations on several hundred publicly traded energy companies -- are making predictions even bolder than their call on Enron. They have begun estimating when each of the world's biggest energy companies will peak in its ability to produce oil and gas. Herold's work shows that the best minds in the energy industry are accepting the reality that the globe is reaching (or has already reached) the limit of its own ability to produce ever increasing amounts of oil.
Many analysts have estimated when the earth will reach its peak oil production. Others have done estimates on when individual countries will hit their peaks. Herold is the first Wall Street firm to predict when specific energy companies will hit their peaks.

Helloo... everybody get your diesel volkswagon today! ... I have seen a diesel motorcycle too

Search Results for "biodiesel" from Wired News
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1. Biodiesel Boosters Plan Co-Ops March 14, 2005 Wired NewsBiodiesel Boosters Plan Co-Ops Producers of a diesel alternative made from old vegetable oil want to build a network of stations to sell the fuel to motorists. But many find it tough to convince local regulators to approve their efforts. By Mark Baard. By Mark Baard 2:00 a.m. March 14, 2005 PDT If f
2. Backroom Tussling Over Biodiesel February 2, 2005 Wired NewsBackroom Tussling Over Biodiesel Grass-roots environmentalists and soybean farmers agree that biodiesel is the next big thing in auto fuels. What they don't agree on is how to make it happen. Mark Baard reports from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. By Mark Baard 2:00 a.m. Feb. 2, 2005 PDT FORT LAUDERDALE,

3. Rants & Raves January 18, 2005 Wired NewsRants & Raves Readers on Willie Nelson's biodiesel ... Monsanto's monopoly ... escaping reality ... and more. 2:00 a.m. Jan. 18, 2005 PDT Date: 01/15/2005 11:16 AM From: BILL PUSKAS (> I'm a firm believer in this product but it's not going to help us drive around more if th
4. Willie Nelson Bets on Biodiesel January 14, 2005 Wired NewsWillie Nelson Bets on Biodiesel The 71-year-old country crooner isn't slowing down. He and three business partners form a company called Willie Nelson's Biodiesel. They're encouraging truckers to fill their tanks with eco-friendly fuel made from vegetable oils. Associated Press 12:28 p.m. Jan. 14, 2
5. Diesels, Hybrids Fated to Wed October 14, 2004 Wired News..., manufactures hybrid-diesel buses that are in service in New York. Kahn said that the ultimate green machine would be a hybrid-diesel car running on biodiesel, which is made from plants such as soybeans. "If you factor in biodiesel, then you have a total solution," he said....
6. Automakers Give Biodiesel a Boost September 23, 2004 Wired NewsAutomakers Give Biodiesel a Boost DaimlerChrysler and General Motors help biodiesel -- fuel that can be made from soybeans -- gain some traction in the United States and Europe. By John Gartner. By John Gartner 2:00 a.m. Sep. 23, 2004 PDT Environmental activists and farmers have been the primary adv
7. Greens Greasing Political Wheels July 30, 2004 Wired News...what a fossil fuel-free future might look like you must step outside the FleetCenter. In the streets outside the DNC's hard and soft zones, there are biodiesel and waste vegetable oil, or WVO, vehicles making their way around Boston. The cars' drivers say that biodiesel and WVO, which is dumped dail...
8. Stars Power Move to Green Energy June 23, 2004 Wired News...anced technologies that would free us from our dependence on foreign oil." Weaver said vehicles powered by hybrid gas-electric engines, solar energy, biodiesel fuel, hydrogen fuel cells and electricity are road-ready today, and begin to address the U.S. need to be energy-independent. "The situation ...
9. Rants & Raves June 7, 2004 Wired News...:59 PM Name: Joseph LeBlanc (> Forty-one cents per gallon is misleading -- not everyone can count on free vegetable oil ("Biodiesel Boom Well-Timed," June 1, 2004). - - - Date: 06/04/2004 10:34 AM Name: Robert (> WEP Issues: My laptop will not stay c...
10. Rants & Raves June 4, 2004 Wired News... codes ... and more. 2:00 a.m. June 4, 2004 PDT Date: 06/02/2004 03:50 PM Name: ocean (> Hemp oil would make a great biofuel ("Biodiesel Boom Well-Timed," June 1, 2004). When I wrote to the Drug Enforcement Administration for a permit to grow hemp, they wrote back saying I can...
Wired News (rss): 1-10 of 23 »

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