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Sunday, February 06, 2005


ward churchill and free speach in colorado and beyond

What is the value of free speach? Here in Boulder Colorado the Govenor Bill Owens is asking that Professor of Ethinic Studies Ward Churchill be fired for his statements made years ago about the World Trade Center 9-11 terror. Why? Because opionion is that Churchill's words are 'Un-American.' WHAT!?! When did free speach loose value?
What I found in multiple places was a list of 'responses' by the professor and surprise surprise the only places running the stuff.... underground radical sites. Where is the mainstream media? This is quoted ...

"If we ourselves do not want to be treated in this fashion, we must refuse to allow others to be similarly devalued and dehumanized in our name." said Ward Churchill, Jan 31 2005 regarding the september 11 (9/11) world trade tower terror.

What about the concept is burning people? Why is it that when I read, I nod my head thinking ... yeah what about the pain the US Government has pushed on other people in other places? On people right here at home? Why is it that our representative government publically creates situations where tortue is taking place, then when public quivers at the idea, the only ones who's heads are rolling are the white trash? Where are the Yale and Anapolois kids that make up the command structure type people?

Why is this still exceptable? Why is this still happening? Why is it that our hero's used to be white trash and now they are our scapegoats? Dannial Boone, Abraham Lincoln for instance where poor appalachia types.

Free speach is not only about content we approve of. Free speach, the free radicals, the dissenting voices are the devils advocates that help people look at both sides of an issue, or at other viewpoints, or cause us to wake up and stair at the mirror. With out people like Ward Churchill dissenting, where are the controls in society to dissallow attrociteies? Why are we so pious and above reproach?

Do people deny that we the American people are underwriting our government who do things to not be proud of. Do people deny our government does things underhanded? You mean the government does everything right? You mean like slavery womans rights like healthcare like social security like tearing out rail and putting in roads in LA like the list could go on and on and on.

Free speach is very important. Free speach helps keep this place on a better track then other options out there. If we allow Ward Churchill to be a scape goat, we the America's will slide into a place where poets are jailed for words written and familys are taken away by train to live in camps.

I know this piece is poorly written... but, my point is, with out free speach, we might as well pack it up. Free speach IS THE ESSENCE of America.

We must protect this core value.

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