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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Bush smoked pot... what else has the boy done?

Sunday, February 20, 2005 3:40 p.m. ET
By Sue Pleming
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush indicated in interviews secretly taped by a friend before he became president that he had used marijuana but would not admit it for fear of setting a bad example for children.

Portions of the tapes, recorded from 1998 to 2000 by author Doug Wead without Bush's knowledge, were aired on ABC News on Sunday and published by The New York Times. Their authenticity was verified by the media outlets but has not been independently checked by Reuters. (Click Link above for full story)

.:: So what does this mean? ::.

This means that the guy, GW Bush is a duplicitous bankrupt twit who got to where he is by playing the power game of family which is to say used the despotistic tools that the power elite have used since day one. What is an example of power elite? Hmmm, perhaps King George of Briton, aka that guy that our American Founding Fathers broke away from in a search for freedom. What is day one? Hmmm, perhaps since the days Aristotle pened his Organon. The Western thought with it's outline starting interestingly enough in the very soils the War for Oil is being fought now... was then nutured in Greece and is outlined decently here.

What is the point? The point is the the NEOCONSERVATIVES have gotten this war going, the NeoCon folks put GW Bush back in office by calling a MORAL urgency for the conservative religous folks to elect GW Bush back on his 'higher moral character' and the guy is a DESPOT.

At some moment in time the American people will come to know with out a doubt about the truth of GW Bush and his skating out on his minimal duty at the National Guard and yet this guy is pushing war and sending our children to their death when he would not answer the calling himself in his time of the Vietnam Conflict. At some moment in time the obvious wrong of the way of the last remaing SUPERPOWER trumping around with a big stick will be seriously visable to all with clarity. The problem is.... the NEO CON folks want to see the end.

The NEO CON folks want Apocalypse to occur becuase they feel that is when Jesus will return. What is the problem with Jesus returning? Well it begs a serious question to be asked... kinda eluded to in the Indiana Jones Last Crusade... Jesus was a poor carpenter, the rich guy in the movie thought the Holy Grail would be this elaborate jewel encrusted thing. When it was a simple cup from a simple JEWISH CARPENTER... does anyone think these people today will recognize Jesus today? Come on... the probability is slim to none.

The idea is like the Buddhist emplore, everyone has a Buddha nature within. The folks, the NEO CONS are betting the farm that white charriots will come from the sky and ZAP PING BANG will change a desolate landscape into UTOPIA Heaven a Garden of Eden.

Why worry?

Well.... eventually the reality of Bush and the politic of today will become evident to the majority... will it be too late to stop the spiral into a desolation of the world? What will it take to rebuild?

Good moral character, ethics, compassion, desire for balance of all things, skills of a basic nature like understanding of how things work...

We may or may not have the internet, gas motors, telephones, refrigeration for food... clean water... what will we do?

Study up now huh?

Bush did inhale and he is driving this train too fast into the station.... watch out Casey Jones!

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