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Friday, January 28, 2005


Torture is Evil.

Torture is Evil.

If we look at good and bad, good equates to ethics and morality, bad equates to deceit and elitist power building. The question is who is gaining what by the war machine being turned on? This whole thing going on in today's society is not good and bad at war; this is a battle of two different power elite wanting to get ahead of the other. Both sides of these power elite are evil because they both are using lies deceit and intentional mayhem to keep the pawns fired up and wanting to kill the other side.

The question is why are the good unable to stop the bad? In other words, why are the people with ethics and morality and concern for wellbeing and compassion for life, why are these people around the world unable to rise to put out the terror of death that the power hungry elitist are in battle over?

Really, when the oil issue settles and we hit the point that the issue is clean water... are the power elite going to invade Canada? Canada is the majority holder of the clean water on the planet. What will be the excuse then?

Somehow, the good need to join forces to quell the disillusioned power hungry. The good consists of people of all religions who operate from a place of unity compassion love and desire to help others with out regard for self.

Somehow, the folks with ethics and morality need to assert the need for humanity to chill out and live as one big family and the big brothers and sisters take care of the little brothers and sisters. Right now G.W. Bush is trying to take the candy away from the people who live in the Fertile Crescent. He is chumming the Neo Conservative and Right Wing Republicans into a feeding frenzy with his rhetoric. He got enough NC's and RWR's to 'vote' him in. He is better at 'playing the game' then the opposition who is not cohesive.

Somehow, we the people need to assert ethics into the grassroots local regional continental and global community. Somehow...

Do you have any ideas? ... comments welcome.

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