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Saturday, January 01, 2005


my freakin back! oui vey

Jheesh louise!

like ouch

Last night Phaelan and I went out to first night and had a burger at chicago's then bought a button and went and did the venues at the Lincoln center in Fort Collins and my pumpkin kid experienced TV2 poetry performance art, juggleing chainsaws and pigs on stage doing tricks and a pretty dorky magic show! Then hooked up downtown to watch the 10:30 fireworks.

PDM was rolling her eyes trying to stay awake! Getting all droopy and stuff, what a trooper! Angela and Daren saw us and came over! They got a great pic of PDM and I and will see if I can get a copy later to post. It was cool, not cold but cool enough to be chilly.

Made it home and tuked PDM into bed and OMG my lower back is horked, I am sOOOOOO missing Gina not being around. She is the best maseuse I have ever had work on me. Gotta find a nother good hands person who really knows technique and psyiology. man o man.

This morning Ruby got excited when PDM came into my room and plumped into bed, Ruby jumped over to PDM to the whole HI HI HI HI HI puppy thing and she smacked PDM's nose and eyes with her paws... :-( I was not even awake but as soon as PDM's tears kicked in and I realized what happened, as I tried to get 'to' PDM to check on her, with Ruby inthe way being and overexcited puppy, I puppy tossed the mutt off the bed and about 15 minutes later PDM could finally open both eyes and seems fine now... although it was scary for a bit there I was not sure if her eyes got scratched or gouged or what they had happen.

Rose Parade is still on right now, but we need to get dressed for a potluck at a friends....


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