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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


:: If Not Republican Then Wander Aimlessly ::

:: Original Work of Out of Chaos ::
Where is the unity of purpose here? Where is the information about other choices? Where is the movement?
Looking around for information I struggled with the chaff of aimless responses from the major search engines when I keyed in 'PROGRESSIVE' and to test a disturbing thought, I keyed in 'REPUBLICAN' and the first page of returned links were all tightly organized coherent websites. The Democratic party did a little bit better then the Liberal or Progressive or Green parties. But the issue is, what good is a bunch of bright people with good social ideas if they are all facing different directions and bobbing in the ocean of aimlessness? Who is going to hear what they have to say?
The Republican movement is apparently all banned together like a large raft made up of tightly coupled smaller rafts all hooked up with the rope of the Religious Right Wing Morality. They are easy to find, they show up on radar on sonar on visual scans of the horizon like their own continent. Such an easy to find mass is getting it's word out through a channel network of Fathers Priests Bishops and other Clergy that are spreading the word of the literal biblical transpositionists of lore to the constituents of Christendom.
How can other opinions raise high enough on a platform to be heard above the din of the Republican movement? Some of these links help... but they were not easy to find... So I am listing a couple for you:
Surprisingly when I found the Stanford link, I assumed other ivy colleges would like wise have good groups. Not so I found out as the Harvard and Princeton and Yale and Berkeley all had sophomoric web pages or just rudimentary place holders saying 'under construction' and to my disdained held little promise of resources or links to get information from. Hopefully some cohesion will occur soon.

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