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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Good place to spend some reading time

.::I found a good place to ready scarey things::.
About Grist Magazine
Grist is an online environmental magazine. Our credo: Pull no punches, take no prisoners, eschew the wealth and fame that so often seduce online environmental journalists. And try to have a better sense of humor than a pack of fur protesters.
Grist tackles environmental topics with irreverence, intelligence, and a fresh perspective. Our goal is to inform, entertain, provoke, and encourage creative thinking about environmental problems and solutions. We publish new content each weekday -- in-depth reporting, cartoons, summaries of breaking news stories, Q & A with activists, book reviews, an environmental advice column, and lots more. We're based in Seattle, and our contributors are scattered the world 'round.
Contact us.
Read descriptions of our columns.
.::Also some links::.
.::I will have some original work in a bit::.
Until then, enjoy my research!

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